Now turn your kitchen into an exciting, elegant space. Enhance the joy of cooking with our exclusive kitchen systems. Steel Life brings you a wide selection of kitchen cabinets that resonate with the best blend of aesthetics and functionality. We offer an assortment of custom modular kitchen cabinets to fit your specific requirements. Choose from a range of factory -produced models or opt for a custom- designed kitchen that easily matches your personal preference. We offer kitchen cabinets which are post forming, four side in ply shutters & alternate ply shutters, MDF, Acrylic shutters,etc.

Custom-built or modular furniture are a rage these days owing to the flexibility in arranging them suiting to the space. They are ready-made units that are easy to assemble and dissemble. With endless possibilities of integrating functionality and visual appeal, modular kitchen has taken cooking activities to another level. It comes with pre-built cabinets, and drawers in an exquisite finish, and umpteen colours for choice. The best thing of contemporary furniture is that it can be built in any shape and design to sync with the home decor.