Living room, Bedroom, dining hall, kitchen, kids room, garden, balcony, furniture, décor, and many else options which we will discuss with our clients and will deliver the best result in a committed time and in affordable price. If you think about open concept, this apartment makes use of a small wall, so relaxing in the living hall doesn’t mean staring directly into the kitchen.

We offer a range of trendy solutions for living room units, tv units, consoles, shoe racks, storages, centre tables, dining tables that are customized to the space available. With captivating designs, smooth finish and superb workmanship, our furniture easily adds vibrancy and comfort to your home.

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Residential design is the place where you live your life, your children's lives, you raise your children, your pets, and your plants. It is the place of your comfort when you return home, at the end of the day, it is a repository of all memories and the generator of sweet dreams.

Residential design services involve four steps-
1. Pre-Design

First, we will need to know how many bedrooms and bathrooms of the home you want to design, but we also want to come away from this first meeting with an understanding of what kind of place you want your house to be. Although it’s easy to define the functional requirements of how you required your home to work, sometimes it is more challenging to describe how you want your home to feel. We’ve found that magazine clippings and websites such as Houzz, Homify, and Pinterest, Tumbler are helpful ways to find out more abstract ideas about the environment of your house.

2. Concept Options

After listening to your requirements and dreams, we’re ready to start designing. And while the designing, we sketch we’ll explore in a lot of ways your home could be organized and positioned on its site. Each and every concept from these won’t be a perfect fit, but some of them will show promise, and those we will definitely develop into a series of Concept Options that we will present to the client.

3. Presentation

Once a design direction has been decided, there will still be a lot of work to be done. We’ll start to flesh out the sketch of the concept option into something that is more clear and real. While doing this, we’ll also consider any comments and changes you want into the developing design. The Concept Statement of Schematic Drawings is – quick sketches of a predefined plan, graphic visualizations of your concepts – portraying the siting, orientation, space alllocations, circulation patterns, spatial and activity relationships.

4. Design Development and Documentation

Execution or implementation phase is final process of interior designing marks the realization of the design. The designer make regular site visits to co-ordinate progress, inspect the quality of work and resolve any on-site mistakes. Once installation works are complete, the designer will list of defects to be resolved before movable furnishings, materials and accessories are installed.